The Danish pop-house DJ Muri draws you into a universe of uplifting somberness. Her tracks all present exquisitely varied vocalists, commercial melodies and dark productions. Music has always played a big role in the young DJ’s life, as Muri spent most of her childhood and teenage years interpreting music as a dancer:

“I’ve been a dancer for many years, so music has always been an incredibly important part of my life. I started making music in order to express my creativity – and to show the world that women have an important role within the electronic genre. In the beginning, I did this by making my own set-mixes and implementing the sounds and vocals that I found interesting in relation to the forum I was in. It felt like a natural transition to go from dancing to DJ’ing, to now create, perform and release my own music.”

Now, Muri is ready to release her debut single ‘Fallin’’ – a pop-house track in the vein of MEDUZA and Imanbek. The soothing female vocal takes the listener on a journey through seductive verses to a catchy hook with a heavy drop and a strong, dark-sounding kick. Muri tells about the track:

”I hope that ’Fallin’’ will give people chills. I hope that people will feel the urge to cut loose and explore their individual thoughts and movements.”

Muri is 21-years old and grew up in Viborg. She moved to L.A. as a teenager to explore the dance and DJ scene and develop her skills. Upon returning to Denmark she got booked to DJ at places like Kupé, Axel Arigato’s event at Copenhagen Fashion Week, and private events at Royal Arena. She is now ready with her first single and many more to come.